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  • Kazokin Communications is a leading single-source provider to reach all your telecommunications network services nationwide. Our customer’s partner with us to simplify procurement, billing and maintenance of wholesale network services across a multitude of disparate networks. Kazokin Communications gives our customer’s maximum reach by leveraging the networks of 100 top-tier carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Level 3, Paetec, Qwest, and Global Crossing, to ensure the most reliable and best priced network.

    Kazokin Communications has built a superior reputation with our customer’s and has optimized custom solutions since it founding which has resulted in cost-effective connectivity while also delivering reliability and accountability.

  • Streamlining is precisely what our business customer’s want. Just when you thought Telecom was understandable, carriers have packaged their products so similarly that it is hard to tell the difference between them. Account Management , price and customer service are the top three things to consider when considering Kazokin Communications. Kazokin Communications excels in our own special way.


    In most cases, Kazokin Communications has no particular allegiance from one carrier to the next; so let us show you a true comparison based on your specific needs.

  • Next-generation technologies have today's businesses devouring more bandwidth than ever. Your customers are looking for more than a supplier. They seek the kind of value that you can deliver as a member of the Account Management Team of Kazokin Communications Business Partner Referral Program.

    Now is your opportunity to learn more if you are interested in getting information about the Kazokin Communications Referral Program, please contact us. A Kazokin representative will contact you shortly. All information submitted is confidential.

  • For businesses that require continuous, always on access to the Internet, Kazokin Communications has partnered with leading Internet Service Providers to offer a full range of bandwidth options. From DSL, T1 and NXT1, Ethernet and beyond, we can help you determine your bandwidth needs and provide you with an affordable package that meets your goals for network availability, reliability and security.

    Our carriers offer the strongest network Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the industry.

  • Kazokin Communications brings decades of networking and telecom industry experience to your business. For clients large and small, we recommend, design and implement communications solutions that improve operations and the bottom line -- all at no cost to you.

    Our relationships with leading service providers enable us to sort through all of today’s available telecommunications options and help you select the best solution. Kazokin Communications has helped companies nationwide improve their voice and data networks.

Kazokin Communications

Kazokin Communications provides service to organizations throughout the U.S. , with the highest density of customers within the continental U.S. utilizing AT&T and any other Telecom carrier.

Our customers rely on us for everything from Basic local telephone line service, Wireless, and Long Distance to high bandwidth Internet connectivity to advanced networking solutions like MPLS VPNs and custom-engineered WANs that carry voice, data, and video.

What they get from Kazokin Communications that they value most, though, is relief--from impersonal service, services that don't fit or live up to their claims, and poor communication and follow-up.  Customers come to us in search of someone they can count on.  And we've built our company to be exactly that.

Our business model is all about alignment.  We've aligned ourselves with a network of partners so we can, in turn, offer solutions that are perfectly aligned with our customers' objectives.  Our charter revolves around the customer experience, so we invest in exceptional Customer Service and Care resources.  Our business model is aligned with our commitment to accessibility and accountability, giving customers full view of everything we do on their behalf--from useful summaries down to daily activity and detailed notes (even recent usage data that hasn't been billed yet).

It's a model born out of a senior team's wisdom, where we've aligned our strengths with the priorities of our customers, sales agents, and carrier partners.  And our success--including a revenue-per-employee ratio that sets the pace in our industry--is proof that there is a brighter way to connect businesses.

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